The Templar's Trumpet

The Templar's Trumpet is a newsletter for all of the guilds assiciated with the Crusade of Ash and Sorrow. It is a newletter by and for the fans of the Caelestis organization. The editors encourage Templars and Heretics alike to contribute to it, because it's about roleplaying no matter what side you're on. If you would like to contribute to the Templar's Trumpet feel free to contact the Librarian for more information.

If you would like to continually read the Templar's Trumpet, there is a mailing list. Each issue will be delivered to you via email on the day of its initial publication. If you would like to be on the mailing list, please contact the Librarian to be added.

Regarding use of information found here as IC or OOC in RP scenes: This newsletter is generally considered to be written In-Character by Lord Inquisitor Calmorlayne Tovald, the Librarian. Anything denoted by ((double parentheses)) is considered OOC, as is anything that is listed in a colored sidebar.

If you would like your character to know any of the out of character information, youíll have to speak with the characters involved with the RP directly.


Listed below, you will find all of the issues, current and past, of the Templar's Trumpet for your reading and downloading pleasure.

Templar's Trumpet, issue #1 (Summer 2014)
Caelestis Malleus, Priory Pilgrimmage, Emerald Pendants

Templar's Trumpet, issue #2 (Fall 2014)
Caelestis Inquisitores, Edicts, History of Medals

Templar's Trumpet, issue #3 (Winter 2014/15)
Ballad of Amelas and the Dragon, Dark Portal Ropens,
Iquisition's Most Wanted Heretics

Templar's Trumpet, issue #4 (Winter 2015/16)
Caelestis Exercitus, Opening of the Timeways, Proximus,
Lessons from a Battle Templar

Templar's Trumpet, issue #5 (Spring 2016)
Immortalis Templares, Individual Bios of the Immortals

Templar's Trumpet, issue #6 (Summer 2017)
Holy Relics of the Order

Templar's Trumpet, RP Supplement #1 (January 2015)
The Return of Battle Templar Belik