Main Information and News

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Thursdays at 10PM (Moon Guard server time, 8pm PST) on the steps of the Cathedral in Stormwind City. All those with us (online) must attend. Be in uniform and ignore the enemy, for this is a time to honour the Light. We would rather die where we stand than acknowledge the Heretic.
At meetings, stand with others who wear the same uniform.
Officer's meetings are held as needed. If you have something you would like the officers to discuss, please contact the Grand Priory or a Captain so that the High Administratum can discuss it at the next officer meeting.

The Heretic seeks the ruin and damnation of souls in many ways - its forms are innumerable. But, it serves the Order, and the Light's work to generally describe the most common:
  • the Shadow-sworn
  • the Fel-sworn
  • the Abomination
  • the Savage Races
  • the Fallen
  • the Corrupt
  • those who stand as their allies, and
  • all who obstruct the Light as we fulfill our duties.
  • Those who are yet to learn of the Light and who have never acted against us shall be considered neutral until either they join us or stand against us. They are known as the "Wayward" .


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    The Templar's Trumpet
    + The newsletter of the Caelestis organization can be found in the Library, and is now available for download! Please read the current issue and all back issues!

    Report Medals, Honours, worthy acts.
    + If you have witnessed one of your Brothers or Sisters of the Crusade in an act worthy of special notice please inform the Grandmaster, an officer, or the Librarian of their noble acts and which honours they deserve. (

    Frequently Asked Questions
    + Please read the new FAQ section and get up to speed on all of the intricasies of

    Grimoire Hereticus Currentia
    + Please read the list of current heretics to watch out for! These are current RP partners of note. This also includes a list of fallen (former) Templares and Inquisitores.

    Relics of Caormastus Guild Story Line
    + The full story of the recovery of the relics of the Caorumvis, and each of the powerful items that were declared holy!

    Black List and Risky List
    + The list of people and guilds who are risky to RP with, and those who have been disapproved for RP with the guild.