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"Zealous Eternal", the hammer of Rufio the Zealous

During a Crusade to the Arathi Highlands to cleanse the land of horde Captain Keenvalor came upon a hunk of iron that appeared to glow with holy energy. Upon further inspection it bore the same pentagonal pattern as other relics of the prophet. Having remembered this pattern from earlier travels, Captain Keenvalor led a crusade to Terran Mill to recover the second half of the hammer head. Once there, Templar Balis uncovered the second half of the hammer head. Holding them together, the glow became more intense. Templar Belik of the Order put forward the plan to reforge the hammer in the fires of Blackrock mountain. After reading "Zealous Eternal" upon the hammer and concluding this must be the hammer of Rufio the Zealous, Lord Inquisitor Andaelas accepted the task of forging the hammer.

In the days that followed, the High Deputy Lord Inquisitor Andaelas, in all his wisdom skill and Zeal, sent the Templares on a quest about the land to find the material needed to reforge the blessed hammer of Rufio the Zealous.

The hammer is fairly unadorned. It has a metal-bound wooden haft, and a simple, solid metal head. It is without decoration, or other ornamentation. The only other feature of note is a simple engraving upon the head of the hammer. It reads “Zealous Eternal”, and is reference to the Zeal for which Rufio is known.