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The Blazing Blade of Santoro the Absolute

After a great deal of searching, the Order found the Questing Bone where it was stuck to an old sword as if glued.  Templar Zohnn Ashlight picked up the sword, and the finger bone released its grip on the sword and fell into his hand.  Grandmaster Senthroth heard telling of the flaming sword of judgement from the High Claesiarch Grimhurst when he was but a child.  He was skeptical whether this could truly be that legendary weapon. The Templares were perplexed — how could this dull old sword, with not a flame in sight be the sword of judgement?

The Templares sought the divine to show them the Light. Again, the Faithful army prayed to the Light as Templar Zohnn Ashlight held the sword in front of them.  Upon the ringing of “Caelestis Gloriam!” at the close of the prayer, a beam of light came down from the heavens, blinding the paladins, pushing them to the ground with its intensity, and with a mighty explosion, the sword burst into flames.  The sword of Judgement had been recovered and the Templares returned to Stormwind triumphant.